ADHD and need to track time?

Learn how Daily helps professionals with ADHD track their time while eliminating procrastination at the same time.

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The mind wanders even under the best of circumstances. I'm sure you can attest to setting time aside either for work or study, only to find those Jedi mind tricks taking over before you even begin to apply proper focus to your work.

Although this is not a unique challenge, it is worse for the ADHD brain. As our brains shift from the now to the not now, we find procrastination becoming a large part of our daily routine. And in an ever-evolving world, we need solutions that actually work.

So how do we overcome this challenge? The first step is to make small changes, and one of these changes involves using a time tracking tool in our daily routines.

Benefits of a time tracking tool

Regardless of whether for work or study sessions, a time tracking tool is an essential addition. Time tracking is the key to understanding how you spend your time, increasing your productivity, and creating a smooth workflow. And yes, even when you find your mind wandering, you're able to assess what it wanders to, and effectively deal with these non-billable or non-productive time stealers.

In a nutshell, you eliminate procrastination and are able to make better decisions with effective control of time through time tracking.

ADHD & time tracking

Time tracking isn't a stand-alone solution. It's an aid that works hand in hand with your normal planning and scheduling functions. According to most research on the matter, distraction and inattention are hallmark traits of ADHD, and the key to overcoming this lies in finding smart ways to deal with it. This is where a time tracking tool comes in. The ADHD brain is wired differently and often results in frustration for sufferers. 

Unlike traditional time trackers, Daily assists users with time tracking by proactively asking what the user is working on, and is an excellent resource for ADHD users who can preset reminders to develop structure. The prompts make it impossible for you to forget to track your time. And there are no screenshots, personal data collection, or recordings, making the app one that does exactly what it should - keep you on track.

Who will Daily work for?

Freelancing has taken the world by storm, and we've seen a migration to the work-from-home model in recent years. The average freelancer finds distraction at every turn, and this is multiplied a hundredfold for the ADHD brain. The situation in the mainstream workplace is rather similar, but this can easily be turned around with the use of an effective time tracking tool.

When it comes to studying, even the most focused mind shifts when it shouldn't. From students to professionals, time tracking is a crucial component not just for tracking time spent on your studies, but also as a reminder of breaks that need to be taken. With Daily, forgetfulness and procrastination become a thing of the past, and you become accountable for every moment of your time.

Time tracking without being a pain.

Accurate time tracking by periodically asking what you are working on. No more timers, stopwatches, or note-taking.

Report your hours stress-free, create better invoices or increase your productivity.

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