Accurate time tracking by asking what you are doing in an unobtrusive manner.


How it works


Sessions & samples

Daily works by asking what you're doing. Each activity provided acts as a sample. Together with sessions indicating when you've started working, for how long and when you've stopped working, Daily is able to create accurate daily time-sheets.

Simplicity you'll love

Daily aims to be as simple as possible. Its main priority is to show you your daily activities. And we promise you it succeeds in doing so.

Fast day browsing

By clicking on the date label in the header, you're able to fast-browse to a specific day. It even understands relative dates. For example, try by typing in "last monday".

Inactivity monitoring

Not behind your computer for an amount of time? Don't worry, Daily will ask what you've been doing. When you don't provide an activity, nothing will be registered. Handy for lunch breaks.

Day, week, month & year view

View your activities for a specific day, week, month or even year. See when you've started and ended working and check how much hours you've been working in total.

Silent mode

Use silent-mode for recording predefined activities without being disturbed. Essential for meetings and presentations.


Daily's most wanted feature. It enables you to only register at specific times at specific week days. Even better: it starts and ends automatically and takes into account overtime.

Keyboard shortcuts

Different global keyboard shortcuts are available, making it even easier and hassle-free to work with Daily. Apply activities, open the dashboard, enable silent mode, and more, all without using your mouse.

Activity auto-completion

Selecting activities is easy and fast thanks to its advanced auto-complete and filtering features. In addition, the last used activity is already filled in, making it even more easier to provide an activity.

Adjustable to you

Although simplicity rules, Daily offers enough adjustable settings enabling you to make Daily fully compatible with the way you work. From dialog appearance to keyboard shortcuts, they can all be changed.

Export data

Export your data as CSV or JSON enabling you to import data directly in other software (e.g. your company's project tracking & billing software).

AppleScript support

Control Daily's registration behaviour, manage activities and export data from other apps in an automated way using AppleScript.

What other people are saying

For creatives that are hopeless with their time sheets, THIS IS THE ANSWER.
— Anothermattryan on March 08, 2019
Easy to track and very simple experience all around. Not an easy feat to accomplish considering all the time tracking apps out there. Well done!
— Worldwidewiz on January 18, 2019
I can't imagine an easier, less obtrusive way to accurately record tasked hours with this level of resolution.
— EbbieJ on June 12, 2018
This is so much better than manually entering start and stop times every time you switch tasks. This is a brilliant method.
— RBOsmart on April 21, 2017
You've made a really fantastic app and it's become one of the greatest productivity tools we have.
— Zayd H. on December 07, 2016
Daily is a wonderful tool! Like so many of your users I’ve tried many time-tracking apps over the years, but Daily is the least intrusive and most accurate I’ve ever used.
— Mark S. on July 21, 2016
I am a big fan of this super little app, helps me every day collecting my work and free time.
— Dirk F. on July 17, 2015
I really like your software. It hits just the right spot with the reminder feature and its ease of use.
— Jim J. on May 01, 2015
The innovation of prompting the user for their current tasks is unique!
— Mark. H on November 04, 2013

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