The easiest way
to track your time.

Daily periodically asks what you are doing.
Forget timers or taking notes.

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My favorite app for tracking my work time on different projects & stages. Clear, simple and very efficient.

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Yuzu&Sun on the Mac App Store

This is the easiest and best way I've found to track my time. It's intuitive and the cost is nothing compared to the data I'll be able to use in refining my business.

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lukipooki on the Mac App Store


Asks what you are doing

Daily works by periodically asking what you are doing. No more need to use timers, or try to use them...

Generate accurate timesheets

Generate timesheets for a specific day, week, month and even year. Accurate to the minute.

Synchronize using iCloud

Using iCloud your data is automatically being backed up and shared across all your devices.

Export to other software

Flexible export options allows importing data into project management & invoicing software.

Automate using AppleScript

Integrate Daily into your workflow and other software by automating tasks using AppleScript.

and much more...

Global keyboard shortcuts, tracking scheduler, silent recording, inactivity recording, auto-apply and more...

The numbers speak for itself:


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