Time tracking
without being a pain.

Daily proactively asks what you are working on. No more timers, stopwatches, or note-taking.

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Report your hours stress-free

Struggling to remember what you have been working on when reporting your hours? Daily helps you by showing what you have been doing and for how long.

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Create better invoices

Don't miss out on revenue by forgetting to charge billable hours. Daily accurately tracks all your worked hours, enabling you to create better invoices.

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Increase your productivity

Daily gives you insights into how you spend your time. Work smarter, not harder, by focussing on what matters most. It also helps against procrastination.

Increase productivity

Trusted by thousands of professionals

Thousands of employees, freelancers, contractors, and founders are using Daily to track their time effortlessly. Try it out to see why.

4.6 out of 5 based on 1.100+ reviews

This is the easiest way I've found to track my time. It's intuitive and the cost is nothing compared to the data I'll be able to use in refining my business.

Mac App Store icon Yuzu

This is the best thing going for time tracking multiple projects. Period. Game Changer. Super simple to set it and (mostly) forget it. It's like... my work bestie.

Mac App Store icon Julivoxish

Daily does a great job tracking time by occasionally asking what the user is working on. The team has been excellent and responsive to requests for changes and features.

Mac App Store icon ChinggisKhan


Asks what you are working on

Daily proactively asks what you are working on. No more timers, stopwatches, or note-taking.
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Accurate timesheets

View accurate timesheets per day, week & month. Easily adjust them by adding and editing events.
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Auto-apply an activity

Make Daily temporarily stop asking what you are working on by automatically applying an activity.

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Plan when to track time

Use the scheduler to configure when Daily should track your time. It automatically takes into account overtime.
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Export to other apps

Flexible export options allow importing data into project management & invoicing software.

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