Privacy Statement

Updated April 13th, 2020

This page describes how we (as the people behind Daily) handle the privacy of our users and their data. We believe that the data of our users is none of our business. As a result, our products will never record user-specific and/or privacy-related information without explicitly asking the user. Data collected will be anonymised whenever possible and opting out is always possible whenever applicable.

Usage statistics

Our app collects usage statistics using Visual Studio App Center. Statistics include usage information and (user) events. Data collected is anonymous and cannot be traced back to an individual person. Data is sent encrypted using a secure SSL connection. Additionally, our website collects visitor statistics usingĀ Google Analytics. Next to information automatically collected by this service, specific events might be collected anonymously.

Crash logs

If our app crashes, data about the crash will be collected and sent to our crash reporting mechanism (Visual Studio App Center) to help identify the cause of the crash so that we can try to fix it in a future update. These crash logs contain information about the state of the app, operating system, and device at the time of the crash. While crash logs are anonymous, they might include log events containing activity names. Crash logs are sent encrypted using a secure SSL connection.

Email list

Via various channels (including our app), users might be requested to sign up for our newsletter. If declined, no data will be sent. If accepted, the email address provided will be added to our email list. Our email list is low volume (usually no more than a few messages a year), and is generally limited to announcements of important new (beta) versions of our app. We do not sell or otherwise provide any of our email list to third-parties, with the exception of the company that provides the mailing list services (MailChimp). Subscription to our email list occurs via a secure SSL connection. Opting out is always possible.

Subscription status

Daily uses a subscription service hosted on our website to validate the subscription status of a given copy of the app. Information sent is limited to the receipt created by the Mac App Store during the download process. If a business license code is activated, information sent also includes this code and the serial number of the device. A secure SSL connection is used during transmission. Our subscription service sends this information encrypted to Apple's servers using a secure SSL connection. Business subscription-related information is sent in an encrypted form to Chargebee. Email addresses supplied when activating business licenses are only stored for organisational purposes and are not used commercially in any form.


By default our app logs events marked as warnings and errors. These log events are stored in a local log file. Daily can be configured to log all events, with the purpose of identifying and solving problems. Log events might be send to our crash reporting mechanism (Visual Studio App Center) in case a crash occurs. Our website collects logs when you interact with its server. This metadata may include your IP address, the name of the resource requested, and the name and version number of the software making the request. We generally don't look at these logs unless a server appears to be being maliciously used or attacked in some way.

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