Version 1.18 released

Redesigned introduction & onboarding flow. Time now gets discarded when you close the dialog asking what you are doing.

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Redesigned introduction & onboarding flow

The redesigned introduction and onboarding flow provides new users a better way to understand Daily's unique way of working and its features. It is better readable, and easier to follow by showing the introduction in a larger window-centered panel and making use of animating annotations.

Another change is that trials are now implemented using Apple's introductory offer feature. Previously Daily's trial mechanism was custom developed and had various drawbacks, such as time-tracking being interrupted after the trial expired. Now, after signing up for the trial, Daily continuous to track time by automatically renewing the subscription. Similar to other apps, the trial can be canceled at any time via  the App Store. Other license options, such as lifetime and business, remain to exist.

Discard time when closing dialog

Time now gets discarded when closing the dialog asking what you are doing. Previously, time got preserved by distributing it over already recorded activities for that day. This change affects both new and existing users, as research showed that users already expected this behavior when closing the dialog. An example of the outcome of this updated behavior can be found on the updated time tracking without using timers blog post.

Do you prefer the old behavior of preserving time by distributing it over already recorded activities for that day? Open Daily's preferences, click Dialog, and change Upon closing dialog to Preserve time.

Last but not least: a global keyboard shortcut has been introduced allowing you to close the dialog without needing to use your mouse. This shortcut can be triggered by simultaneously pressing ShiftControl and C on your keyboard. Don't like this combination? Open Daily's preferences, click Shortcuts, and change Close dialog to your preference.

Time tracking without being a pain.

Accurate time tracking by periodically asking what you are working on. No more timers, stopwatches, or note-taking.

Report your hours stress-free, create better invoices or increase your productivity.

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